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How do I resolve Check, Dispute, and AR notifications?

Scratch's dashboard.getscratch.com will alert your team to payments-related items that will require further action. There are three main types of notifications:

These notifications are sent via email as well as appearing in the upper right corner of your dashboard (visual below):

When you click the megaphone icon, you will see details for each notification: 

Clicking on "More Info" will take you to your Action Items page, where you can perform the necessary action for each item by clicking on the "Resolve" button:

Now, we'll cover what notifications are possible in the three categories above, and how to resolve each:

Check payment notifications:

All checks processed through Scratch will originally have a status of PENDING while the balance of your client's account is being checked. From PENDING status, there are 3 different outcomes possible, which will show on the Check Reporting page:

  1. The check is accepted and marked PAID 🎊(no further action required)
  2. The check is marked FAILED because of non-sufficient funds (NSF) or wrong account information (most common rejected reason)
  3. The check is marked FAILED because we require the check to be physically sent in to our lockbox (least common rejected reason)

Below is a visual of how 1, 2, and 3 above would look on your Check Reporting page:

Now, on your Acton Items page, you'll see the rejected check action items to take. In the visual below, you can see two different types of failures:

For more information about the client, like for payment amount and other details, please hover your mouse over the name

Let's walk through what options exist for Shiv (1) and Roman (2) and what you'd see in the "Resolve" button:

For #1, general failed checks:

These types of checks have reasons such as "No Account", "Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)", or  "Failed Verification" - this could mean that the account is no longer active so a new payment method is needed, or that the account was entered incorrectly. Scratch will get as specific as possible to help your team know the appropriate action to take.

Once you've worked with the client to determine the next step, you can click the blue Resolve button, and then select a resolution. For non-lockbox eligible checks, you'll see the three options below:

Once you select one of the options, you'll then see a required field for notes. This can be brief, like "Shiv paid with Tom's credit card, so this is completed" if for example, Shiv paid via other means like credit card.

Once you've submitted, the notification is moved to "Completed" and you're done!

For #2, lockbox eligible check failures:

Roman's case is a little different - the check was rejected because his account has a debit blocker vs NSF or failed info, so we need to physically send the check to a lockbox. You can also of course ask Roman to provide another payment method if preferred. 

Assuming you'd like to utilize the lockbox to accept the check: when you click the resolve button for Roman, you'll see a new option: "Get Lockbox ID" instead of "Rerun Check", and you'd select that option:

Once you hit Get Lockbox ID and Submit, it will give you a screen like the below, with an ID to list on the bottom left of the check and an address to mail the check to:

When you hit complete, the lockbox ID is still available on your Check Reporting page! But this screen will follow you around the dashboard until you select "Complete"

Once you write the code (in this sample, BB5014E0-0001) on the bottom left of the check, write the address above on an envelope, put the check in, and mail it.

Then, once the check is deposited (usually within 1 week) you will see the status changed to "PAID" in reporting, and the notification will be resolved!

Dispute notifications

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AR notifications

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