How do I reconcile my AVImark Period Totals or Deposit Slip to my Daily Total report?

If you're using our AVImark integration, please see below for how to ensure the totals tie out at the end of the day

First off, to get to reports, you can click the Fax Icon (Reports) at the top middle. It will open up a screen that looks like the below image. You can select Deposit Slip or Period Totals to get an End-of-Day Total to reconcile:

For Period Totals, you'll select in the filter range the current date (or date you are pulling daily totals for). You'll then look for User-defined payments, as your Scratch Card and Scratch Pending totals will both show up in this category (circled in green)

If you do have any discounts or adjustments, please use the Total Charges (in example above, the 64.00** number) for this exercise

This figure will tie out with your "Captured" total on your Daily Totals page (green circled total below)

For Deposit Slip Report:

You'll select your date range, then you'll see a report like the below. The type will be either Scratch Card or Scratch Pending, and you're looking for the green circled total below to match with the green circled figure above

If you have discrepancies, you can navigate to your Payments History tab in your web portal to see line by line details to help reconcile