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Can I pay my Scratchpay bills by check?

Yes. While we do encourage Scratchpay borrowers to pay via ACH (U.S.) or PAD (Canada), you do have the option to pay by check.
If you’re paying by check, please make it out to SCRATCH FINANCIAL, INC., write your Loan Number (which can be found on the top of your promissory note as Loan No. and includes 6 digits and 3 letters - as an example 123456ABC) in the memo line, and send it to:
For Standard Mail (U.S. borrowers): SCRATCH FINANCIAL, INC. DEPT LA 25105 PASADENA, CA 91185-5105
For Courier Deposits (U.S. borrowers): SCRATCH FINANCIAL, INC. 25105 14005 LIVE OAK AVE IRWINDALE CA 91706-1300
For All Mail (Canadian borrowers): SCRATCH FINANCIAL, INC. 225 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 250 Pasadena CA 91101