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How do I take a payment from the Scratch Pay dashboard?

Your Scratch Pay payment processing dashboard gives you many ways to collect payment from your clients or patients. Log in to your account at dashboard.getscratch.com to get started.

Download a printable guide here!

Find all payment options under the Collect Payment tab 

Click on the Collect Payment tab on the left-hand menu, then select a payment type from the options at the top of the screen: 

Screenshot 2022-09-15 132732-1

Select an option below to jump to that section, or scroll down to read the entire page:


Phone Payment

Text-To-Pay and Email-To-Pay

eCheck Payment


This option allows you to take a payment by tapping, swiping, or inserting a credit or debit card with your card reader terminal. 

If a card reader terminal is not already linked to your dashboard, click Connect Card Reader and select the reader you'd like to use to collect payment from the dropdown list. Note: once you connect a reader, that reader will stay connected to your dashboard until you turn the reader off or log out of the dashboard. 


Enter the amount to be charged and an optional description, then click Charge Card to send the amount to the card reader terminal.

Insert, tap, or swipe the credit or debit card on the card reader terminal to complete the payment. 


All successful payments will be found under the Payment History tab.

Phone Payment

Phone Payment is used to take payment by manually entering in your patient or client's credit or debit card information, such as when you are taking card info over the phone.

Fill out the AmountName on Card, and ZIP fields, then the card number, expiration month and year, and CVC in the box below, then click Submit Payment at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 192044

A popup will tell you that the payment has been processed successfully. The payment will then appear on the Payment History tab.

Text-To-Pay and Email-To-Pay

Send your patients or clients their invoice straight to their mobile phone or email with the Text-To-Pay and Email-To-Pay features! These payment options were created with curbside checkout in mind: no need for your team to run out to your client's car and bring their credit card inside to be processed at your front desk - simply send them a Text-To-Pay or Email-To-Pay invoice and they can make a payment using their card or bank account directly from their mobile phone. 

To use, click on Collect Payment on the left menu then select Text-To-Pay or Email-To-Pay at the top of the screen. Enter your client or patient's name, cell phone number or email address, amount due, and optional client ID and invoice number, then click on the Send Payment Request at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 192614

This will send a text message or email to your client with a link to pay their invoice: 


When they click on the link, they will be taken to the screen below, where they can choose to pay with bank, card, Apple/Google Pay, or Scratch Plan (if available), enter their bank or account details, and submit payment. 


If the client hasn't paid their invoice, they will receive reminders via text or email. Reminders are sent at 12PM, 3PM and 5PM in your clinic's local time, only to clients with unpaid invoices from that same day.  You can turn off reminders for your clinic by emailing partners@scratchpay.com.

Once you send the invoice but before your client has paid, the invoice will appear under Open Invoices. Once your client has paid their invoice, the status of their invoice will show as PAID on your Payment History tab.

eCheck Payment

The eCheck Payment feature lets you deposit a check online without having to bring it to the bank. 

To use, click on Collect Payment on the left menu then select eCheck Payment at the top of the screen. Enter in the following details from the check: amount, client ID, routing number, and account number; and optional checkholder name and check number, then click Submit eCheck Payment at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 194331

Once submitted, the payment will show under Payment History with the status PROCESSING while the funds are being transferred (usually 3-5 business days). Once the payment has settled, the status will change to SUCCESSFUL. If the check fails, the status will change to FAILED and you will receive a notification.