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How-To Guide for eCheck (electronic debit)

Welcome to eChecks! Please see below for set-up, how-to, and other related Q&A


If you're a VetCor practice, you also have access to internal training about eCheck 

Setting up eChecks

What is an electronic debit?

How to process a check?

How to take further actions if needed?

How to research records of processed checks?

How can I get extra help?

Setting up for eChecks:

  • Welcome Kit coming soon! If you're affiliated with certain groups, you may be receiving a welcome kit with signage to display (which is required to display for compliance purposes) and lockbox envelopes (which we'll cover how to use later)
  • Required signage: to take eChecks, you'll need to display the sign (pictured right) somewhere prominent in your lobby. 
  • Download PDF: if you need another copy of the sign, please click "Download PDF" above

Once you've displayed the sign, you're ready to start taking eChecks! 

Some large groups have disabled checks. If you do not see a green "Submit Payment" button at the bottom of your check portal, please reach out to partners@scratchpay.com.

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What is an electronic debit?

Scratch's electronic debit process enables you to accept payment from your clients via check then deposit those checks by entering the account and routing numbers on the electronic deposit module on your dashboard, under the "eCheck Payment" option. 

One difference between processing an eCheck and a physical check is that the eCheck deposit process begins as soon as the check is entered into the dashboard. This means that your clients should be prepared for the funds to be withdrawn as soon as same day. 

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How to process a check:

  • In your practice management system, select the "Check" payment type for the client's invoice.Screenshot 2022-07-06 192303
  • Navigate to https://dashboard.getscratch.com/dashboard/collect-payment and select eCheck Payment at the top of the screen. 
  • Enter in the information on the module, pictured at right. All fields are mandatory.

  • Click Submit eCheck Payment - Scratch will ask you to confirm the amount, and if you've processed a payment for the same client (as recognized by the client ID) in the last 48 hours, you'll also be asked to confirm the submission.

  • The eCheck submission will immediately enter the "processing" status, which generally takes 2-5 days to clear. The payment will then either switch to a "successful" or "failed" status, and you may have an additional action to take if the check fails. Please see the "How to take further actions if needed" section below for more info.

If you're having trouble identifying which numbers on the check are the Account, Routing, and Check Numbers, please see this guide for examples of atypical checks

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How to take further actions if needed:

  • If the eCheck deposit fails, you'll receive an alert on the top right of your dashboard. 
  • Click the megaphone icon to see all of your alerts. Click the green More Info button on a "Failed Check Deposit" alert to be taken to your "Action Center." 
  • In your Action Center, you will see 2 types of notifications for checks: not lockbox eligible or lockbox eligible. In the below image, not lockbox eligible is on the top, and lockbox eligible is on the bottom (with the "LOCKBOX ELIGIBLE" marker
  • For each, click the blue "RESOLVE" button to take the required action.
  • Once you click the "RESOLVE" button, you'll see a "Select Resolution" and notes section. If the check is lockbox eligible, you'll see the 3 options on the right. If it is not lockbox eligible, you'll be instructed to rerun the check by re-submitting it as you did originally. 

    If you see "Get Lockbox ID," this means that we'll need to submit the check via physical mail.
Selecting "Get Lockbox ID" will bring up the screen on the right. The screen will give you a lockbox ID code and an address.
To submit the check, write the code on the bottom left of the check, then mail the check to the address supplied.
Then, you'll navigate back to the action center to select the action of "Mailed Lockbox Check"

Making an update in your practice management system:
Once you've selected a certain action, you will need to update your practice management system accordingly in certain cases. 
  • If the client Paid By Other Means or Funds Not Collected, remove the Check payment from the client's invoice record, and update the new payment with the relevant payment type.
  • If the client's check is going to Lockbox, you do not need to update the PIMS record
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How to research records of processed checks:

Once you've processed a check and / or completed the required actions, congrats! You're all good. If you ever need to reference back the status of the check, you have two options: Payment History or your Check Reporting

Payment History will show you a complete history of all of your check payments. You can adjust the date filter, search by client, and see if checks have been successfully processed as "paid". See the GIF below for an example of how you can adjust the page:
Check Reporting will show you specifically the status of all checks, adjustable by date range. You may export this table to Excel as well at any time using the "Export Excel" button

Where do I go now if I need help?

As a final note, thanks for taking the time to read through the whole FAQ -- if you have any further questions, thoughts, or ideas for improvements, please reach out to partners@scratchpay.com for help or to relay said ideas! You may also reach out via the chatbot, staffed with real humans, as well. Happy eChecking!