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My patient has a certain amount of funds available, but their total invoice was less/more than that amount. What do I do?

If your patient needs to use less than or equal to the total funds available, that's great! Simply enter the amount used in your dashboard and finalize the plan. If needed, they can use any leftover funds within 30 days for 12 & 24 month plans, and 13 days for Take 5 plans.


If the patient needs to use more than the funds available, they should check the confirmation email sent after they were approved for their Scratchpay payment plan. In it, we will tell them if we are able to approve additional funding. If we can, the patient just needs to reapply for the additional amount and your team will be notified when they are approved.


You can also request more more funds on behalf of your patient by clicking the "Finalized" tab on your Scratchpay dashboard, then selecting the "Edit" button (as shown below).