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What do practices currently using Scratch Pay financing have to say about it?

SPCA Tampa Bay Veterinary Center's Hospital Manager says “Thank you for your incredible service. The impact that Scratch Pay has had on our business is impressive. The entire process takes very little staff time to manage, and payment is quick and easy.”

Highland Park Animal Hospital's Practice Owner says "Pet parents really like the fact that they can check if they qualify without affecting their credit! The whole program is simpler and less expensive. I highly recommend using Scratch Pay.”

Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego's Practice Owner says “My staff love Scratch Pay. The bottom line is the ease of use and how quickly you get an answer. When it’s an emergency situation and the customer needs urgent care for their animal, Scratch Pay is the perfect solution!”

If you want to know what Scratch Pay partners in your area are saying about us, we recommend you reach out to them and ask! Click here to see who offers Scratch Pay near you.