How to Update Payment Type in AVImark

We now have one payment type to sync any type of payment from AVImark to the Scratch app, whether it be terminal, phone, text-to-pay, or email-to-pay!

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In AVImark, please update the payment type “Scratch Terminal / Phone” to “Scratch Payment” and change the payment type “Scratch Text / Email” to “Archived Scratch Text / Email.” You will now select the payment type “Scratch Payment” for all terminal, phone, text-to-pay, and email-to-pay transactions.

To do so:

  1. 1. In AVImark, click on the Work with tab and select System Tables, then scroll down and select Payment types.
  2. Right click on Scratch Terminal / Phone and select CHANGE.
  3. In the Change Payment Entry pop-up, rename the payment option to Scratch Payment and click OK.
  4. Next, archive the Scratch Text / Email payment option by selecting CHANGE to re-open the Change Payment Entry pop-up.
  5. Rename the Scratch Text / Email payment type to Archived Scratch Text / Email and click OK.
  6. Click Done on the Systems Tables tab.
  7. Restart AVImark on each computer to apply the new changes! This step is very important to save the changes.