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Scratch Pay helps your vision practice serve more patients than ever with our straightforward payment options.

Higher approvals, 60-second signup, no setup cost, and flat fee pricing (7% provider fee for all vision & lasik practices).

Risk-free forvision providers. No hardware required, no ongoing fees. Offer Scratchpay in 3 business days.
78% Higher approval rates. 4 of 5 practices report higher approval rates with Scratchpay

Average vision wellness costs

Our payment plans help patients afford the eyecare they need

Surgeries & Procedures

Lasik surgery $1,000-$3,000 per eye
Cataract surgery $5,000-$10,000 per eye
Macular degeneration surgery $9,000-$65,000

Exams & Eyewear

Routine eye exam $50-$100
Astigmatism-correcting soft lenses $50-$70 per box
Bifocal contact lenses $50-$70 per box
Daily disposable contact lenses $20-$30 per box
Extended wear contact lenses $50-$70 per box
Pair of eyeglasses $196

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